Move Your Separation Along Peacefully

Move Your Separation Along Peacefully

Speak with a divorce attorney in Marietta, GA

Splitting up with your partner is never easy. When you have combined assets and children involved, it can make legal matters complicated. You'll want to work with an experienced divorce attorney. McGinn Law is my family law firm, working with individuals throughout the Marietta, GA area. I'll be there to help support you and guide you during this challenging time.

I offer free consultations for all of my clients. Schedule yours by calling 770-679-3232 now.

3 benefits of hiring a divorce attorney

You want someone you can depend on for quality representation. As your divorce attorney, you can rely on me for...

1. Mediation. I can help mediate conversations between you and your ex-partner.
2. Guidance. I'll walk you through the legal steps of the divorce process.
3. Support. I'll be here to answer any questions you have along the way.

My family law firm is proud to help you. Make an appointment with me today.